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Software Engineer

I am a freelance Senior Software Engineer specialising in front-end development, providing services and consultancy through my company Newtriks Ltd. I am also a co-founder of Sayansho Ltd. I’m the author of AngularJS Testing Cookbook and instructor at


Over the years, I've worked on a wide variety of technologies and platforms, but always with an emphasis on data visualisation, media-rich, interactive and realtime applications. Here are some examples.

  • TriNetX

    Large scale enterprise application built with React, Redux, Webpack, Styled-Components, etc.

  • Scribblar

    Real time whiteboard application built with React, Redux, Webpack, CSS Modules, etc.

  • Unilever

    Real-time web app for a global corporation using MeteorJS

  • Knowledge Vision

    Worked as part of a team building an AngularJS app for video with time line logic using PopcornJS.

  • Sayansho

    AngularJS app with integrated realtime logic using plus live video streaming.

  • Present Me

    Media editor service for converting, cutting and joining media files. Built using NodeJS, FFmpeg and AWS.

  • Sayansho

    Rails application for creating and managing live streaming webinars integrated real-time logic using, video streaming, user…